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Managing Budgets

Fully integrated packaging automation projects are generally not small in nature. As a capital investment, costs must be carefully planned, justified and controlled to ensure the expected ROI is maintained. However, system integration projects are also complex in nature. From planning to sourcing and execution, there are many moving parts that can easily blow budgets or require undesired cuts and compromises.

Packaging Integration With Fixed Project Costs

As a turnkey systems provider, we build quotes that are comprehensive of all products and services necessary for a complete and functioning system. That means any tweaks or troubleshooting work necessary to meet our agreed upon performance guarantee is included as well. Such a fixed price contract offers you predictability and stability because any uncertainties, market changes and cost increases against the original estimate will shift to us. With a solid budget, CAPEX approval processes are also much easier to navigate.

Fixed price projects not only offer a low financial risk, but with a final scope and detailed features, they also provide a better estimate for a completion deadline. That allows your team to better plan production starts and make appropriate labor decisions and commitments to your end-customers. A fixed price further eliminates any need for you to control the process. While we heavily engage with you in the initial qualification and consultation stage, after that you can shift your focus to other projects or your ongoing operation.

Worried that fixed costs mean inflexibility? We understand that scope changes can happen and are happy to work with you to make necessary adjustments to the contract. That may affect costs or timelines, but you can be certain that our project managers will put all their experience and expertise to work for you to minimize any negative effects.

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