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Hours, Weeks, Months

Developing and submitting equipment specification packages, selecting the right machines, sourcing vendors, attending factory acceptance tests, and ensuring that all machines communicate well with each other – these are just a handful of tasks that need to be accomplished on your way to a fully integrated packaging system. However, just these tasks alone would keep you and your team busy for weeks or months.

Imagine if you could use your own time and that of your team for other pressing issues, while the project moves from milestone to milestone. You receive frequent updates and are asked to engage in pertinent decisions but since you can rely on our performance guarantee and fixed cost pricing, you can devote your attention to other things. Syntakt Packaging Integration can do that for you.

Save Personal Time, Lead Time and Start-Up Time

Our turnkey approach to system integration projects not only helps you save vast amounts of time-consuming and resource-draining tasks but also shortens the overall project timeline.  Instead of sequentially going through each phase of the process from design to bid, build and validation, as a turnkey provider we often work through stages in an overlapping manner.

In addition, before your system becomes reality, we develop a three-dimensional, virtual twin that helps everybody experience what the solution will look like and facilitate better conversations between all stakeholders. The model also allows us to simulate throughput and consequently validate our design concept or discover challenges before the build process is underway. Lastly, a digital twin enables us to begin programming the controls integration long before machines are connected, effectively cutting lead time by several weeks.

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