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Roll and Tube Lines

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Packing Challenges of Round Products

Although they come in a multitude of different products, rolls and tubes have one thing in common. Their round shape makes them a product handling challenge. From garbage bags unraveling to unintentional shifting of tubes in a shipping case, these products need professional expertise when automating their secondary packaging process. Using manual labor for handling rolls or tubes may seem like the most flexible choice to respond to the various picking and packing challenges, but the ever-growing labor shortage and associated cost increases quickly justify tackling your line’s packaging automation.

Rolls, Spools and More Packaging System Applications

If you are ready to embark on a complete end-of-line systems integration project with challenging products such as tubes and rolls, lean on an expert with experience handling such items.

Wire Spools

Rolls of Garbage Bags

Wire Spools

Tubes of Lotion

Round Pressed Detergent Blocks

Round Pressed Detergent

Rolls of Tape

Wire Spools

Rolls of Sausages

Rolls of Rice Cakes

Cans of Tuna

Together, Let’s Automate Your Roll or Tube Packaging Lines

Syntakt Packaging Integration offers turnkey solutions for your end-of-line automation objectives. If challenging product characteristics have you worried about the success or extent the project will provide efficiency gains, choose a partner that offers a performance guarantee. We guide you through a discovery process that establishes clear system requirements and quantifiable performance metrics with our turnkey approach. By working through animations and simulations of our initial line concept, we establish confident throughput numbers that we can stand behind. We want to be sure that we can be successful before we make any commitments to you.

Your automation project involving rolled products or tubes is in good hands when you partner with us at Syntakt Packaging Integration. Each member of your assigned team has decades of experience in packaging automation, whether they are applications, controls or mechanical engineers, or project and site managers. Together, they offer you the expertise needed to design, plan and execute a successful turnkey installation.

Challenges Overcome With Integrated Roll and Tube Packaging Systems

The following list is a sample of happy customers that recruited our systems integration services to make their automation goals come true.

  • Reducing Injuries: A spike in ergonomic injuries and a shrinking labor pool caused this wire and cable manufacturer to pursue an automated solution for its industrial and retail product lines. With their line now fully automated, injuries have dropped off and they are ready to take on additional business.
  • Overcoming Challenging Product Characteristics: Tape rolls have very sticky properties when they come fresh off the slitter. Our team worked extensively with numerous vendors to test and verify proper equipment choices to ensure the product could be handled with complete integrity throughout the entire system.
  • Improving Loaded Case Quality: Garbage rolls are notorious for rolling away, unraveling, or telescoping during transport and loading. Our turnkey solution helped this manufacturer maximize the pack density of their cases and safeguard the tight roll of the garbage bags.
  • Accommodating Multiplying SKUs: Another manufacturer of industrial spools was challenged with the increasing number of product variations, size configurations, and diversity of pack patterns. With limited space available, they engaged our services to create a highly flexible line that could accommodate various product runs simultaneously and with random presentation.

Our Process

A turnkey systems integration project is a big job and requires careful planning, attention to detail, skillful negotiations, and unwavering perseverance. Let Syntakt use their proven approach to overcome your packaging automation challenges.

  • Master Planning: No project starts without us visiting your facility and establishing clear objectives, measurable performance criteria, and a defined scope of work. Early simulations of our design concepts allow us to guarantee throughput numbers confidently.
  • Engineering: Our engineering team takes those early simulations and dives deeper into analyzing potential choke points. Emulations then allow our controls engineers to write and test code without having physical machines available yet.
  • Procurement: As an independent integrator, we will find you the best equipment and vendors for your particular application.
  • Project Management: You can rely on your single point of contact to keep you updated about your systems progress, any obstacles encountered, and solutions available. Your project manager is there from the beginning of the project to the very end once all performance requirements are met.
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