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Flexible Products Require Flexible Solutions

Flexible product packaging includes many different styles. From bags to stand-up pouches and flow-wrapped items, many industries such as food and beverage, personal care or household and industrial chemicals rely on the material and cost savings and resealable properties flexible packaging offers. However, flexible product packages also come with challenges for the packaging process. Their lightweight characteristics can be challenging, shifting products inside the bag can create problems, and retail-ready requirements add complexity to the automation process. Nevertheless, automating secondary packaging lines of bag and pouch products is imperative to staying competitive and avoiding high labor costs and general labor shortages.

Flexible Packaging Applications

Flexible packaging formats have many names – doypacks, gusseted pouches, stand-up pouches, block bottom bags, fin-sealed bags, flow-wrapped products, and the list goes on. We have seen many of these products and helped numerous manufacturers automate their flexible product packing process.

Our flexible pouch packaging systems can handle products like:

Stand up Pouches of Snack Food

Stand up Pouches of Snack Food

Small Bags of Snack Food

Shredded Cheese Bags

Pouches of Ice Cream

Packages of Wipes

IV Bags

Heavy Bags of Tomato Sauce

Flow-wrapped Wafers

Flow-wrapped Packages of Wipes

Flow-wrapped Cupcakes

Flow-Wrapped Cookies

Bags of Snack Food

Bags of Liquid Cheese

Bags of Liquid Cheese

Bags of Grass Seed

Bags of Frozen Vegetables

Let Us Help You With an Integrated Bag or Pouch Packaging System

If you’ve come to our website, you’ve already recognized your need for efficiency improvements through automation. We are here to help you make that happen. We are no stranger to handling flexible products, whether you are looking to pack them flat into a case or upright to meet retail-ready requirements. With Syntakt Packaging Integration, you are receiving a turnkey solution with fixed costs and a performance guarantee. As we take on your project, we also take on all associated risks. However, with decades of experience, each team member is well qualified to recognize many red flags early on or work through the individual challenges each project brings us.

Challenges Overcome With Automated Flexible Packaging Systems

Customers with bagged and flow-wrapped products in various markets have worked with us to overcome their secondary packaging efficiency challenges. From material handling to vendor issues, we’ve worked through it all. Now these customers enjoy:

  • Increased Outputs: With a downtown Chicago location, this producer of hard candy was not able to expand their manufacturing facility to accommodate their steady growth. However, a new integrated packaging system was able to nearly double their line speed and meet the desired output in the given footprint.
  • Flexible Operations: This manufacturer of IV bags needed to pack several different products sizes and also accommodate short runs of test products and overflow production. Syntakt helped design and implement a flexible line that met these needs and was ready in time for the much-anticipated new product launch.
  • Healthy Profit Margins: Like many, this Syntakt customer had major problems attracting the required labor force to maintain their three-shift operation. The newly opened super distribution center in the neighborhood competed for the same labor pool and significantly drove up hourly rates. With all packaging tasks now automated, this snack food manufacturer is on its way to being profitable again.
Turnkey Solutions

Our Process

Syntakt’s turnkey solutions involve a four-stage process to define, design, and implement your new integrated packaging system. To create a flex packaging line for pouches, we work through:

  • Master Planning: Before you commit to our services, we learn about your needs, define system requirements, and agree on performance specifications.
  • Engineering: Our engineering team works with a 3D animation, simulation and emulation technology that helps identify technical risk areas early on and reduce lead time. Integrations work can begin without any equipment present.
  • Procurement: Leave the development of spec documents, the search for optimal equipment choices, and the qualification of vendors to us. Our team will save you hundreds of hours of work researching, comparing, and managing OEM vendors.
  • Project Management: An experienced project manager oversees the entire project, manages budgets and establishes timelines to ensure your automated packaging line meets everybody’s expectations.
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Contact Syntakt to Discuss Your Vision for Your New Flexible Packaging Line

Our team is eager to explore how we can help your bag or pouch line meet maximum efficiency.

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