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Secondary Packaging – It’s What We Know Best

The name Syntakt may be new, but our team has been integrating complete turnkey systems for several decades. As we expanded our capabilities, so grew the complexity of the systems we tackled. Along with that, we realized the importance of becoming an independent integrator who can partner with any OEM and provide the most desirable solution for any given product application.

Whether it was under the previous organization of Pearson’s Systems Solutions Group or now as an independent integrator, our projects span the industry sectors of food and beverage, personal care, and household and industrial chemicals.

We’ve successfully integrated many secondary packaging systems handling bags, pouches, cups, trays, cartons, bottles, jugs, and rolled items like tape and garbage bags. Take a closer look at our packaging line integration by  pack type.

Bag & Pouch Lines

Flexible packaging is an important medium for many products. It seals freshness, protects from scratches, and saves material cost. No wonder its popularity is continuously growing. Syntakt Packaging Integration helps you automate the secondary packaging process of your bag or pouch line.

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Carton Lines

Aluminum foil, facial tissue, cereals, lotions, pastries, and the list goes on. Paper cartons make products easier to be stacked, stored and presented. Cartons are also space efficient and easily recycled, which make them a desirable packaging type. Are you ready to automate your carton packaging operation? Let us help you!

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Cup & Tray Lines

Are your products in cups or trays? Convenience foods are in high demand and to keep up with consumer requests for TV dinners, prepackaged meats and produce, automation is the right path. Syntakt Packaging Integration is your partner for turnkey end-of-line solutions. From design to production start, rely on us to own and execute every part of the project.

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Bottle, Jug, and Jar Lines

Beverages, like water and juices may be obvious product choices for bottles and jugs, but when we think of these packaging formats, we also remember laundry scent boosters, detergents, fertilizers and candle jars. Turnkey secondary automation solutions save you lots of headaches, time and resources. Allow us to make your efficiency goals a reality.

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Roll and Tube Lines

Tubes of lotions or gels, rolls of garbage bags and wire spools, we have handled many diverse products and look forward to learning about your product’s unique characteristics and secondary packaging requirements. Whatever challenge your automation endeavor may pose, we are prepared to tackle and overcome them – performance guaranteed!

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Turnkey End-of-Line Packaging Automation for Your Product

Automating an entire secondary packaging operation is a big undertaking. Expectations for substantial performance and efficiency improvements drive corporate approvals. Once authorized, budgets are firm and many operational decisions depend on meeting the agreed timeline. We get it. That’s why we serve you best as a turnkey systems solutions provider.

As you transfer ownership of the project to us, you allow our team to work in unison and take a holistic approach to meet your desired outcome. Our agreed-upon performance guarantee offers you peace of mind, both technically and financially, and gives us a clearly defined target.

Although each system integration project is unique in several aspects, they are also similar in many others. Whether you run bags, jugs, cups, trays, tubes, cartons or other types of primary packaging formats, our team is experienced with many styles and countless challenges. With our integration focus exclusively on secondary packaging, our experts are ready to take on the particular challenges of your automation project. With dedication, creativity and resourcefulness, we will lead your turnkey project to success.

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