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Bottle, Jug, and Jar Lines

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The Primary Choice for Liquids

Milk, water, wine, beer, soda, and juices seem like the obvious choices for bottle packaging. But what about condiments, cleaners, dairy products, and oils? Whether glass, plastic, or aluminum, bottled products are diverse. Larger product size configurations are generally packed in jugs as their primary packaging type. They are rugged and safe, and the built-in handle makes carrying heavy items easy and convenient. A near cousin to bottles and jugs, jars are also a common packaging format found especially in the food industry.

Your primary packaging format is an essential consideration in the design of your automated secondary packaging line. Product and material handling decisions often determine the success or failure of the entire line. That’s why you don’t just want to work with an experienced secondary packaging systems integrator but also one that uses advanced technology to virtually simulate choke points and test critical functions before steel is cut and machines are ordered.

Bottle, Jugs and Jar Packaging System Applications

Have you been struggling with throughput rates for your bottle or jug packing line? Maybe the demand for your product is up, or labor shortage holds you back. Automating the repetitive tasks necessary to prepare your bottle, jug, or jar products for shipping to various retail outlets will lower costs, improve your quality and safeguard output numbers.

Plastic Bottles

Bottles of Laundry Scent Boosters

Jugs of Grass Seed

Jugs of Detergent

Jars of Candles

Jars of Candles

Bottles of Vitamins

Bottles of Vitamins

Bottles of Milk

Bottles of Soda

Jugs of Detergent

Automate With an Experienced Integration Partner for Bottle, Jug and Jar Packaging Lines

Your product is in high demand, but labor costs are cutting into your margins. Whether you experience rising wages or frequent recruiting and training along with elevated injury occurrences, automating your secondary packaging line is a wise investment. However, if the prospect of writing up extensive spec documents, finding, qualifying, and managing numerous vendors and contractors and the potential for costly technical mistakes paralyze you, you have found the right place. Our team has handled many bottle, jug, and jar applications. And while their experience with your type of product is helpful, you’ll appreciate our turnkey approach even more. We take care of all aspects of your system integration project with a fixed price and performance guarantee.

Challenges Overcome With Integrated Bottle, Jug and Jar Packaging Systems

Each customer has unique circumstances that make every project a new challenge. What they have in common though, is what they want to accomplish. Here are some of our bottle, jug, and jar applications and their automation successes.

  • Reducing Labor Costs: With three lines executing forming, loading, sealing, and palletizing functions entirely manually, the challenge of finding and maintaining enough labor for each shift was growing for this vitamin packer, as was the cost of repetitive motion injuries. Automating their secondary packaging system freed up 36 workers per shift.
  • Business Growth: This vitamin packer also handled over 175 SKUs and anticipated adding as many as 300 more over the next 1-2 years. A flexible line with simple and fast changeovers prepared them for the anticipated influx of new business.
  • Increased Quality: This contract manufacturer of laundry scent booster pearls wanted to switch to bliss cases for their shipping container to eliminate lost product and a tarnished brand reputation because bottles got squished and pallets were unstable. Since bliss boxes cannot be formed by hand, this manufacturer took the opportunity to improve the quality and the efficiency of their secondary packaging operation.
  • Turnkey Project: This candle manufacturer was quickly gaining popularity and product demand was growing steadily. For their new production facility, they found a turnkey partner in us that would take care of their entire secondary packaging process from adding lids to the jars to packing and palletizing them safely – all in time for the planned production start.

Our Process

Syntakt Packaging Integration offers a turnkey project experience. The following four stages ensure that we deliver a well-integrated system that meets your performance and budget requirements.

  • Master Planning: This phase sets the stage for a successful project. We guide you through our discovery process to clearly define the performance requirements and scope of the project.
  • Engineering: Once applications engineering hands over the preliminarily validated concept, engineering uses advanced virtual simulations and emulations to streamline the development process and reduce long lead times.
  • Procurement: We take care of bid package development, vendor qualification, selection, and management.
  • Project Management: Our project management team drives your project forward, keeps all balls in the air, and puts boots on the ground to ensure a vertical start-up becomes a reality for your new automated packaging line.
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