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Cup & Tray Lines

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Convenience in a Cup

Cups and trays are a mainstay of the convenience food industry, from fast TV dinners to the beloved college noodle soup. With the demand for quick ready-made foods skyrocketing, automation of every part of the production and packaging process of these cups and trays has become a necessity for many manufacturers.

Syntakt Packaging Integration is here to ensure that your integrated cup packaging line will be a successful one. We have worked with many customers in the food, personal care and household, and industrial chemicals industry. With decades of experience, each member of our team is ready to lend their expertise to your automation project.

Cup and Tray Packaging System Applications

Trays and cups are an important package type for modern consumers. We are here to help you increase throughput, sell more, lower your operational costs, and stay competitive.

Our tray and cup secondary packaging lines can accommodate:

TV Dinner Trays

Trays of Frozen Meals

Trays of Rolls

Trays of Frozen Tacos

Trays of Frozen Meals

Cups of Sour Cream

Paper Cups

Trays of Rolls

Trays of Meat

Cups of Yoghurt

Trays of Tacos

Take Advantage of Our Experience Automating Cup and Tray Packaging Lines

You’ve grown and expanded your operations, customer demand is up, and output can hardly keep up. Automation of your packaging operation will introduce much-needed efficiency gains but the project is large, complex, and resource-draining.

Let Syntakt Packaging Integration take ownership. To set the project up for success and understand the unique challenges, limitations, and goals of your tray or cup packing line, we will conduct a thorough review with you, visit your facility and establish performance requirements.

Our packaging integration experts, from applications engineering to controls integration, mechanical design, and project and site management, offer you the expertise needed to design, plan and execute a successful turnkey installation.

Challenges Overcome With Integrated Cup and Tray Packaging Systems

Syntakt Packaging Integration has helped numerous customers realize the benefits of automation.  With a turnkey integration partner on their side, their cup and tray operations now:

  • Consistently Meet Production Goals: After dealing with regular production blackouts due to shortages in labor for their tray packing and palletizing line, this TV dinner manufacturer was finally able to meet the production expectations set by their parent company.
  • Support Business Growth: Premium pet food has significantly gained popularity, which severely strained one producer’s operation. After doubling their primary line’s output, their secondary packaging system desperately needed an overhaul too. With additional growth capacity built in, they are now looking positively into the future.
  • Meet Cost-Savings Targets: To remain competitive, this copacker of fruit snacks in cup format needed to reduce labor and recruitment costs. Frequent turnover taxed their human resource spend and greatly affected L&I claims. Since they didn’t have the resources or experience to complete a full system integration project on their own, they were happy to turn over their project to our team for a turnkey solution.
  • Satisfy Corporate Quality Standards: While labor availability was not a concern to this produce packer, quality had suffered over the years causing significant losses from rejected or returned product – this issue is now a thing of the past.
Integration Process

Our Process

The Syntakt system integration process can be broken into four phases, although most overlap to some extent or run in parallel. These stages are:

  • Master Planning: Before you sign a contract, we visit your site, discuss your needs and define the scope of your project.
  • Engineering: Our engineering professionals use advanced technology to create a computerized design and validate its performance before equipment is ordered.
  • Procurement: During procurement, our professionals handle bidding packages and vendor communications to find the right equipment for your application and save you hundreds of hours in vendor selection and management.
  • Project Management: Throughout the installation, an experienced project manager stays on top of your project’s process, providing you transparency and a single point of contact.

Contact Syntakt to automate your cup or tray packing operation.

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