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“Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.”

James A Michener

“Failure is central to engineering. Every single calculation that an engineer makes is a failure calculation. Successful engineering is all about understanding how things break or fail.”

Henry Petroski

“Engineering is the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man.”

Thomas Tredgol

“Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done.”


Taking Your Packaging Line From Concept to Reality

At Syntakt, our engineering process involves an advanced simulation and emulation of your material handling system. This virtual twin advances the line concept to a fully integrated system using actual code to integrate the components of the line.

Review, Refine and Validate Concept

Engineering now takes the preliminarily validated concept from applications engineering and performs a thorough evaluation. To maximize the line’s efficiency, they identify where deeper cycle analyses are needed to confirm that proper accumulation and buffering is available. At this point, any structural engineering content, such as mezzanines, overhead transports systems, or seismic assessments, are being designed and specified as well.

Integration of OEM Components and Systems Controls

Once the layout is generated, mechanical engineering will select all the transport equipment, while controls engineering will determine how the line is going to function. Using emulation, we can now replace the initial blocky data with actual programming, which allows us to test the code long before any equipment is available. As we work in parallel to the lead times of the various OEM providers, we can cut down the overall system integration timeline. Emulation of your packaging line also saves us significant time in the field. The code, which previously could not be tested until the line was put together, can now be uploaded as soon as the line is assembled, allowing us to begin advanced testing.

Design Data Management

Another critical component of the line design is its data management. Together we determine how your system data will be stored and distributed for monitoring of throughput and performance. In addition, we establish how the packaging system must respond to the receipt of input data such as changeovers or label information.

At A Glance

What You Can Expect at the End of the Engineering Stage

  • Fully Integrated Design: During the engineering stage, your system will be fully integrated and virtually tested.
  • Early Programming and Testing to Mitigate Risk: Emulation tools help us create a digital twin to begin programing and testing long before the machines are built, and the system is started up.
  • Virtual Debugging to Save Time during Start-Up: This saves considerable risk and time as areas of concern can be identified and addressed proactively.
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