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The goal of any packaging system is simple:

At the end-of-the-day (or shift), a specific amount of product, in perfect condition, must be ready for shipment.

Not so simple is what it takes to get there:

As a precisely coordinated arrangement of people, machines, conveyors, PLCs, HMIs, vision and computer systems – harmoniously working together to generate the desired throughput – any number of things can and will go wrong and affect the overall performance of the line. So the real question is not how do I get a flawlessly working system, but how do I protect my throughput with an intelligent line design that anticipates challenges and mitigates against their cumulative effects? But that is not all. With so many moving parts, sourcing the right ones and bringing it all together – on-time and on-budget is no small feat either.

Meet Syntakt Packaging Integration!


Packaging Integration With Commitment

Syntakt Packaging Integration is a turnkey provider for secondary packaging automation.

  • We design your packaging line
  • Specify and source all of its components
  • Integrate the components so they function as a system
  • Implement and prove it out at your site

By committing to a fully integrated turnkey system, we are not only accepting responsibility for master planning, engineering, procurement, and project management but most importantly a mutually agreed upon performance guarantee that we will serve as the final validation metric before completion of the project. Whatever your throughput requirements are, if we agreed to meet them, you can count on it.

What gives us the confidence to make such bold commitments before the start of a project?

We want to be successful just as much as you do, which is why we will never sign up for lofty goals and vague promises. Before you or we commit to your packaging automation project, we take you through a thorough qualification and consultation process. We will visit your facility to understand all requirements, goals, challenges and limiting factors, animate our design concept to ensure all parties have a thorough understanding of the proposed solution, fine-tune as necessary, simulate product flow and perform a cycle analysis. That is when we reach the point, where we are confident enough in our proposed system solution to provide you a guarantee on the performance of your new integrated packaging system.

Our Background in Packaging Systems Integration

Systems integration projects – with ambitious goals, concrete deliverables, and substantial investments – need experienced teams. Highly specialized individuals, who guide the requirement discovery process, develop practical designs, and manage the implementation to meet the agreed-upon deliverables. Such experts come in many shapes – large engineering firms, integrators without OEM affiliation, or OEMs who use their specialized machine knowledge as an advantage in offering integration services. Syntakt is a unique blend of the latter two.

Having grown out of Pearson’s machine business, we recognized the need to form a distinct group with dedicated and specialized resources. To offer our customers best-in-class solutions, we needed to become an independent business that can source machinery from any supplier that is best qualified for your particular application. To solidify our group’s independence, we formed a separate business and renamed the former Pearson Systems Solutions Group to Syntakt Packaging Integration.

Despite being separated, our history still has a profound impact on how we serve our customers nowadays. With well over 65 years of experience in secondary packaging, our focus remains on end-of-line packaging integration projects. Also, deeply understanding machine design further positions us extremely well in preparing equipment specification documents and asking pertinent questions when qualifying and selecting equipment vendors and performing factory acceptance tests for any chosen automation equipment.

However, since you want a functioning unit, not a collection of pieces, our focus on system level performance evaluations, system level safety evaluations and system level performance guarantees.

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Synchronizing Packaging Operations With Takt Time Goals

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