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Ambitious Goals Need Experienced Teams

Integrated automation projects promise highly rewarding outcomes, cost and labor savings, injury reduction, improved product quality and consistent outputs amongst them. But with ambitious goals and substantial investments come expectations for concrete deliverables – and rightfully so. To ensure projects end successfully in terms of performance, meeting budget and timelines, you need an experienced team with highly specialized individuals.

Specialized Resources

Many of our customers do not have the particular resources on staff that would be required to complete such a large-scale project. And even if you have highly capably team members that have the skills to design line layouts, develop equipment specification documents, complete the controls integration, and manage the various vendors and service providers, most of them were usually not hired to dedicate all of their time to one project for an extended period of time.

At Syntakt, our team consist of members with specialized skills, from applications engineering to design engineering, mechanical engineering, controls engineering and project as well as site implementation management. Using our resources allows you to tap into decades of experience for each unique skill, effectively deployed when needed. With our focus on secondary packaging exclusively, we further add a level of specialization that most customers would not be able to afford on staff.

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