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Carton Lines

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Versatility and Uniformity

Cartons are a standard packaging type in many industries.  Their versatility, uniform shape, and easy stackability make them a preferred choice for countless applications holding anything from cupcakes to lotions, tea bags, or toothpaste.

If your business has outgrown its current packaging process and you are looking for significant efficiency improvements across the entire secondary packaging line, you have found a great partner in Syntakt Packaging Integration.

From concept to reality, Syntakt’s experienced team takes a holistic view of automating your carton packaging line to ensure that it will meet the challenges of your production environment. Whether it calls for erecting, packing, sealing – product into carton and carton into case, or just handling cartons alone, your automation project is in great hands.  Learn more about our process and performance guarantee for efficient vertical startups.

Carton Packaging System Applications

Made of cardboard, paperboard, fiberboard, corrugate or even plastic, cartons are common for a wide range of products and industries. But cartons aren’t just cartons; their variations are just as diverse as the products they carry.

Are you using glued end boxes, gable top cartons, autolock bottom cartons, partitioned boxes, tuck end boxes or other variations of cartons? Whatever the style of carton may be, we are excited to evaluate your packaging operation, conceptualize a fully integrated and automated line and carry it through to production start.

Cartons of Cupcakes

Cartons of Frozen Beef Patties

Cartons of Cupcakes

Cartons of Juice

Cartons of Frozen Beef Patties

Boxes of Wine

Benefit From Our Experience Integrating Carton Packaging Lines

Trying to automate an entire carton box packaging line on your own can be challenging, particularly if your company is either not experienced with automated systems or does not have the skilled resources to devote to such a project. From technical questions to organizational efforts and resource shortages, attaining your goal and maximizing your ROI can be daunting.

Let Syntakt’s team do the work. Experienced packaging automation experts plan, design, and execute your project, saving you hundreds of hours of work and expensive problems arising from trial-and-error approaches.  We are an independent integrator and will recommend and choose equipment providers that best fit your application.

Challenges Overcome With Integrated Carton Packaging Systems

Automating your end-of-line carton packaging process is a big investment but the payoff is even larger. Syntakt customers have been able to:

  • Increase Throughput: Manual operations limited on of our customers in their ability to take on new retail contracts. After automating their line, they were able to secure the desired contract with a national grocery outlet but also ramped up production as demand from existing customers grew.
  • Expand Operations: A pastry manufacturer, ready to open a new facility, was looking to learn from past mistakes in their operations and set a new standard for efficiency. Animation, simulation and emulation allowed the teams to effectively collaborate and virtually work out any kinks before machines hit the production floor.
  • Reduce Expenses: Most customers report the same struggles – labor costs keep going up along with frequent recruitment and training expenses and recurrent injuries. The rising cost to produce their products has shrunk margins or raised the price for consumers. Automating their secondary packaging line helped one of Syntakt’s customers to stay competitive and maintain their desired placement on the shelf for their main retail outlet.
  • Successfully Execute a Vertical Startup: A system integration project is complex and has many moving elements. The one thing that couldn’t move for this cookie manufacturer was the production start date. With Syntakt as their automation partner, they successfully met the target date and performance requirements.
Turnkey Solutions

Our Integration Process

At Syntakt, we use a four-stage process to design and implement your automated carton line. Stages often overlap or run in parallel but are distinct in their nature:

  • Master Planning: Before signing a contract with us, we’ll visit your site, discuss your needs and create a comprehensive plan for your automation project.
  • Engineering: Syntakt engineers use digital twin technology to ensure system concepts work as intended and develop the controls integration code long before the equipment is physically available. This method streamlines the development process and cuts out weeks of lead time.
  • Procurement: From writing specs to finding the right vendor, our team will ensure that your packaging system uses best-in-class equipment.
  • Project Management: You have questions, changes, concerns? Your project manager is your point of contact from the first day to final startup.

Contact Syntakt to explore how we can help improve your carton packaging process.

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