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Risk & Project Ownership

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As we provide a fixed cost and performance guarantee, we effectively take on the risk and ownership of the project. If market conditions change and subcontractor prices go up – it’s on us. Equipment vendors fail to meet their factory acceptance test – we deal with it. Specified components become unavailable – we find substitutions and bear the cost.

Managing Risk

By allowing Syntakt Packaging Integration to manage your end-of-line automation project, you receive a highly experienced project manager, who will be your point of contact throughout the entire project. Free up your own resources and relieve your team of the stress of juggling the many moving parts and staying on time and on budget.

Embarking on a full system automation project is a big undertaking. And there is no way to account for all possible project risks upfront. Ranging from technical risks to scope changes, external factors such as market conditions or subcontractor availability, and organizational issues like staffing and training, the array of possible project changes that can occur is huge. All of those bear the risk of increased budgets, lengthened project duration, additional design cycles and expanded engineering and quality management.

Generally, most risk factors are identified early on, monitored, and managed with an appropriate risk response plan. That doesn’t mean that unexpected things won’t happen. They will, and we are prepared to assess and respond.

No matter what happens though, finger pointing will not. Once we assume the ownership and risk of your automation project, we are accountable for everything that happens as we work towards meeting the performance targets of your integrated system.

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