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Our Process

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Turnkey Packaging Integration — Our Approach

Syntakt – Synergy and Takt Time define not only our name but also our approach to packaging systems integration. Choosing to work with us means you are receiving a turnkey solution optimized for fast vertical start-ups. We assume full responsibility for your entire project from concept to production start, allowing you to sidestep the risk complex integration projects naturally carry and save hundreds of hours of valuable time while preserving specialized resources for other tasks. We define, design, and implement an automation solution that optimizes your packaging operation and improves your bottom line.

A Roadmap to a Successful Turnkey System

The team at Syntakt Packaging Integration follows a proven process to make your new turnkey automation solutions a reality. Join Leo Robertson, Senior Applications Engineer who has helped define and optimize many roles within our team, as he walks you through the individual stages.

Our Process

From Ideation to Implementation

  • Master Planning: In this initial stage, we want to learn all about your business, your operation, and your product, identify goals and challenges and together clearly define the scope of the project.
  • Engineering: With a preliminary validated concept in place, engineering now reviews, refines, and validates all aspects, integrates OEM components and systems controls even before actual equipment is available.
  • Procurement: We are committed to finding the best equipment and vendor for your specific needs, from bid package creation to vendor qualification, selection, and management.
  • Project Management: A project manager will be on your side throughout the entire project. As your single point of contact, they will keep you informed while ensuring all parties are staying on track to delivering on their commitments.

Vertical Start-Up

Automation projects are about efficiency gains, and to make it impactful, you can’t afford a flat start-up curve. Having your people ready while the line still has kinks to be worked out could cost you valuable production time. Or vice versa, maybe the packaging line is ready to go, but resources to run it are lacking or not fully trained yet. Maybe contractors have caused stalling progress, or change requests are setting you back. All of it is lengthening the time to start or ramp-up to full production. And all of it is costing you money.

Syntakt has been helping customers optimize their start-up time for a long time. As a turnkey systems provider, we manage the project holistically. Quantifiable success metrics form the foundation of what the end goal will look like, keep everyone focused, and effectively prioritize competing issues. If one aspect changes, we adjust others to prevent negative effects on the overall start-up and performance targets. Your Syntakt project manager is the communication hub that keeps all parties informed and allows us to respond quickly to unexpected challenges before serious issues arise. While your project manager drives the entire integration project, your dedicated site manager puts boots on the ground and ensures all start-up issues receive the attention needed. Since nobody can think of everything, their presence on-site will further promote collaboration and communication when concerns arise or last-minute items are added to the checklist. Last but certainly not least, training is a key component to success and will be organized and directed by your project manager.

By having ownership of the entire project, we remain flexible and still follow a successful vertical start-up plan.

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