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What Does ‘Right’ Look Like To You?

The hallmark of our turnkey systems is a performance guarantee. However, since each packaging integration project is unique in its objectives, requirements and challenges, a general one-size-fits-all performance guarantee would not be beneficial to either of us. A meaningful performance guarantee takes work to develop, and your active participation is critical.

Discovery Process

We will guide you through a requirement discovery process and visit your facility to not only understand your objectives, but also see challenges and limitations firsthand. With the right questions and many years of experience of working through various challenges, our systems integration experts will help identify important considerations and consult with you on possible solutions. Once we come up with an initial design concept, we will develop an animation to ensure all parties have a thorough understanding of the proposed solution and can communicate desired changes easily. We will further simulate product flow and perform cycle analyses to confidently agree to your required performance metrics or discuss possible challenges and adjustment options.

Clearly Defined, Measurable Target

A mutually agreed upon performance guarantee is beneficial for both, you and us. It gives you assurance of the project’s completion at your specified performance level and it provides us with a clearly defined, measurable target. After all, engineers don’t like ambiguity.

The specific metrics of our performance agreement will set the foundation for the final project site acceptance test.  And since your new turnkey system is a functioning unit, not a collection of pieces, we focus on system level performance evaluations, system level safety evaluations and system level performance guarantees.

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