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Scott Reed

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Phone : 509.723.3098
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For the past two decades, Scott has led sales, marketing and customer service strategies for
various packaging companies including Pearson Packaging Systems and ADCO Manufacturing. Now
part of Syntakt Packaging Integration, Scott is not only able to draw from his experience helping
hundreds of Fortune 500 manufacturers solve their automation challenges but also from having
been on the customer’s side. As a sales leader for a division of Colgate-Palmolive and co-founder
of a private-label pet food business that later sold to a national brand, Scott understands the
environment and struggles of consumer good manufacturing operations well.

Although Scott spent an impressive amount of time at several high-profile schools starting with
Washington State University, followed by Harvard Business School, the University of Michigan and
Ross School of Business, he also knows how to enjoy life. Living in the Inland Northwest, Scott
takes full advantage of summer boating and winter skiing, even serving on the National Ski Patrol.