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Leo Robertson

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Leo Robertson - Systems Engineering

From Packaging Machine Designer to Sales Engineer, Product Manager, Vice President of Engineering, Project Execution Manager and Senior Systems Applications Engineer, Leo has held many positions supporting packaging automation for some of the biggest consumer brands. With several decades of personally executing and directing both machine and packaging line design, commissioning and field support, Leo is the guy you want on your team. With creativity and practical thinking, he is committed to the belief that with proper planning and solid engineering execution, a complete packaging line starts up quickly, performs well and continues to do so for the long run. Never expect anything less!

Throughout his life, industrial automation has been more than a job though. Leo enjoys understanding the many available technologies and how to best employ them. A trait that also carries over into his spare time. A perfectionist at heart, Leo devotes his favorite past time to fly-fishing, choosing precision over blind luck and skill over simple wins.