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Doug Boozer

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Before Doug entered his to-date 25-year career designing and integrating packaging automation equipment, he first put his newly degreed engineering skills to work supporting the sale of hot dogs in rather unconventional ways. As designer of custom vehicles, he helped propel the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile into the 20th century. With hot dog sales in high gear, shifting to packaging automation seemed like the next logical step.

But before he returned to the food and beverage industry, Doug spent nearly a decade with pharmaceutical packaging company, Serpa. As a mechanical and later controls engineer as well as engineering manager, he obtained extensive experience integrating complete packaging lines for the pharmaceutical industry. He then dedicated the following decade to designing and integrating robotic systems at Pearson Packaging Systems, where he also received FANUC’s Master certification for Service Providers before transitioning to the Systems Integration Group, now Syntakt Packaging Integration. For the past six years, he has now focused on the integration of complete end of line packaging solutions.