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Turnkey Packaging System for Adhesive Rolls

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Risk Reduction and Transfer of Project Ownership

This customer’s primary concern was about how to reduce the risk of purchasing the wrong equipment or having ill-vetted OEM partners that would affect the overall system’s success.


The Challenge

In preparation for a new product rollout, this manufacturer of abrasive adhesive rolls was looking for a complete secondary packaging system that could reliably handle their product. Having had much experience with the challenging characteristics of their products, this customer’s top priority was to find an integrator that could not only design the line, but also guarantee successful material handling and overall line performance of the system.

“We couldn’t afford for this project to fail. Our investments needed to pay off. That’s why we were happy that we had found a partner that would put in the work upfront to give us the confidence that everything will work out well. The performance guarantee just gave us the final piece of certainty.”


This end-of-line packaging system needed to take control of the unwrapped tape rolls coming directly out of the slitter, add a body label, wrap the rolls with shrink film, load them into a case and prepare them for shipping with palletizing and stretch wrapping.
Syntakt Packaging Integration successfully secured and executed the project by effectively minimizing the technical risk, providing a performance guarantee and assuming complete ownership of the project. To overcome the product’s challenging physical characteristics, Syntakt Packaging Integration engaged in a rigorous OEM selection, and thorough line design and validation process using digital twin technology.

Rigorous OEM Selection Process

Since the qualities of the tape rolls had created many automation challenges for the customer in the past, they needed absolute confidence that our system could manage their product with total integrity. To guarantee smooth handling through the entire system, we worked closely with all OEM’s upfront, especially the conveyor specialists. Challenged by the product’s aging process, we mimicked the actual production challenges as closely as possible and physically proved out various equipment, numerous belts and several surfaces to ensure that the product would not stick or leave residue on belts, get scratched or otherwise damaged. Over the course of five months, we concluded all trials and tests and were able to confidently commit to the requirements for the system.

Animation, Simulation and Emulation for Vertical Start-up

After conveyance and individual pieces of equipment had been put through rigorous testing and validation, the second layer of technical risk reduction came from building a digital twin of the proposed concept. The virtual line did not only simplify communication between all parties, but simulation of product flow and accumulation enabled us to confirm that the line performance was meeting the customer’s requirements so we could provide a performance guarantee. At that point, the customer entrusted us with their automation project. As we continued our engineering work, the virtual twin further served as a sandbox environment for all necessary controls and integrations work paving the way for a smooth vertical start-up.

The customer was highly satisfied with Syntakt’s execution of the line design, technology validation, and controls integration saving them hundreds of hours in research, testing, developing specification documents, managing vendors and hoping that all works out.

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